Thursday, June 30, 2016

 I sauntered on the sands.....
but I guess Our footprints are merged with the earth.
 The waves have kissed them a million times but somehow the earth has engulfed , taking in it's fold. I checked the waves...they all sound same as when they laughed when we did..
somehow they seem colder than before.
I gazed at the is as blue and vast as it was then.
We had marked our clouds..
 but I guess they have fallen apart as rain....just as us. But the same drizzle has again merged with the earth...probably like us....each drop finding it's layer...seeding a new life...birthing a new shrub..nurturing a new oak...standing tall, all together to form a forest family!
I remember your lines about 'Lone trees in a forest together' .
And it all filtered through the Maple sugar bush where time is locked...
though the waves still hug and retract....the stones still get emotional and dry.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

 Yes. I survive you.
Like a war...and it's aftermath,
Smoke. Bruises. Rubble. Debris.
In the eyes. In thoughts. In mind. In heart.
Yes...I have survived.
There would be estimates...there would be projections..
about casualties and collateral in the chaos.
There would be Redefinition. Reformation. Restructuring,
Though I doubt....reincarnations are possible with the
balkanisation....within the fragmentation in hopes or dreams. too have survived.  With or without the blows...

Meanwhile I have smashed my mirrors somany times that
now I dont know which is the crack or the scar.
Yes. We have survived. And here we are...with the chill , rubble and the fallout.
As the moon rises on the dilapidated monument....I saunter in our beautiful ruin...
 We dont know who won. But I know who lost.

Monday, March 16, 2015

                                      Slave to your memory , prisoner of my pain !
                                       On the altar of time , innocence lay slain.
                                      Chased by our echos , racing against time
                                       the storms of yesterdays , kissing my chime !

                                       Flights of my hope have wings with a chain
                                      tied to a clock , that just ticks me insane.
                                       I see your fleeting ghost , again and again
                                      The fuel in my frenzy, will set fire to the rain.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

If Loving was to be Sentenced , then my body is the cage.
Living is an existence , otherwise known as age !
My other inmates call me as...Dead Man Walking !
A shadow seems ahead of me...which I keep stalking.

Was this the prison , you painted in My dream ?
where the silence of dignity , stifles my scream.
Trudging to a noose , I am decoding that knot.
I put you in my veins ,you acted like a clot !

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ice Gulag

Am I buried in the December Ice ?
Under a debris of a precious History.
Why the Precious always seem to be it's poise ?!

The icy prison
has  the transparency that let's me see beyond the
Dailys and Todays!!
...will it survive the transitions between the Rise and Fall of my personal civilisations!?
Keeping me trapped in a Time capsule and inject me to life ?
The times together mark the Time Spread in  my Life.
That otherwise is  named  a calender. 

 These Icy Gulags have a ghostly Chill
 takes away  my Life & need not kill
 The spectral entity of those Moments  tick  together
as the Eternal gifts Births , like a seasonal weather

The eerie silence behind those walls
 in the gorges I once called rooms
My memories throb though mummified
when   snowy deserts burn full Bloom
Though somethings are always ageless 
A wrinkle is a dune  in the desert of time
Why carve names on an epitaph...that is already Mine.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Since the Sins

Who oversees my Cosmic Footprint?
 My InCarnation it logged?
If Who, I do not know
Who judges My Cosmic crime...
who has given me a Timeless Past !??
Who has judged my My advocacy is nowhere, I know !
Why do I feel these gaseous chains called breadths weighing me down just as an iron ball !
In the prison of birth as I gaze down the corridors,
I hear footsteps of floating souls
Friend or Foe....I do not know...
Since the Sins, I am sentenced to Life
I am denied Myself in My Own

Friday, April 01, 2011

Love can be a Sandcastle on the beach of Life
where the Dreamer seems stronger than the Engineer
but fate lies with the Moody Tide
to prove the Dream as a possible fact
or an
Engineered plan that claims fact under fiction !
Just as a Truth distorted is more blamed
paired against a White Lie !